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DeMoine Adams is ALL HEART!  DeMoine kicked off our first day of school with pure excitement and passion. DeMoine truly cares about the kids, and his passion exudes each time he speaks.  He also gave a presentation to our staff about 'Heart' Work and even our staff were inspired to become more compassionate educators.  DeMoine makes lasting connections with students and staff. If you are looking for someone to truly make a positive impact, DeMoine is your guy!

Tessa Fraas

Assistant Superintendent/K-12 Principal, Creek Valley (NE) Schools

DeMo was a 'game' changer!  He was inspiring, smart, competitive to change the minds of others, dedicated to being the leader he is today.  His words were powerful in a sense that you can't help but want to change and help the people around you.  His talk was very  intentional and meant to challenge your brain and perceive your thinking.  He is very passionate to make a difference, and he was entertaining from the moment he walked in to the time he walked out. There is NO ONE like DeMo and I want to see him back!!!!

Mirisa Carroll

Head Start Teacher Aide, NENCAP 

DeMoine Adams is amazing!  He spoke at Northeast Community College to a large group of TRIO-SSS students at our Fall Semester Kick-Off event.  Every moment of his time speaking with our students was delivered in a dynamic and inspirational manner.  he has the uncanny ability to make every person in the room feel as though he is speaking directly to them.  DeMoine tailored his dialogue seamlessly to speak directly to the challenges and struggles that this population of students will face in college.  With his background being vastly similar to theirs, he was able to speak genuinely and deliver a message of how he has overcome difficulties and experienced success in higher education, and how they can too. Our students and staff left his speech excited, full of positivity, and motivated to be successful.  I would sincerely recommend DeMoine to anyone looking for a passionate speaker!  

Josh Becker

Director of TRIO Student Support Services, Northeast Community College (NE)

A very thankful heart I have right now!  Thank you for your message, enthusiasm and the mission you brought to the school!  So many positive comments were made on how great your presentation was...from administration down to preschool. You nailed it! 

Brooke Cast

Booster Club President, Amherst (NE) Schools

Thank you so much for coming to speak with our group of managers in Aurora - you were amazing!  Everyone is still talking about how great your talk was!!  With that said, we are already looking into having you back to address other groups in our company!  I look forward to working with you again.

Nancy Larson

Insurance & Risk Mgmt Assistant, Aurora Cooperative 

Thank you for taking time away from your family and sharing a powerful message.  I was impressed with your personal story and the words of influence and impacting those in Lincoln. You are a gifted speaker!  Your presentation made an impact!

Jeffrey Bliemeister

Police Chief, Lincoln Police Department 



DeMoine is an electrifying speaker.  His passion is evident in his subject matter and delivery.  His positive message to our staff was infectious.  He appeals to all of attendees.  He uses humor, creativity and innovation to provide the audience with a fresh teamwork perspective. We plan to have him back to talk to our students next fall!   

Ginger Meyer

Superintendent, Scribner-Snyder (NE) Community Schools



Thanks again for inspiring our students AND staff!!!! You were fantastic! Our students are ready to tackle bullying behaviors by taking a stand.  

Elizabeth Stutzman

Principal, Friend (NE) Public Schools



DeMoine shared an incredibly powerful and inspirational message with our 5th - 12th grade students.  Students were encouraged to "Bring their A Game" and put their "Heart over the Hype" when it comes to daily social pressures.  He did an excellent job of capturing our students attention, making positive connections with them, and focusing in on what it means to be a leader and have good character.  I would highly recommend bringing DeMoine to your school district to share his energetic message with your students and staff.

Katie Elwood
MS/HS Principal & AD, Griswold (IA) Community Schools



Demoine was part of our Strengths Discovery Day at Freeman Public Schools.  He led four sessions with our K-4 students then turned around and led four more sessions with our 5-12 students.  His energy never waivered during the entire day.  He helped students understand the importance of their Strengths and focusing on what they do well.  Some of the comments on our student evaluations included: “The best part of the day was when DeMoine Adams spoke to us about not giving up and be what you want to be.”  “I like DeMoine Adams because he wasn’t afraid to talk and teach me about my strengths.”  “I liked the speech from DeMoine Adams, he was engaging.”  A majority of the evaluations listed DeMoine as the best part of their day!  We had basketball players who were upset that they were going to miss DeMoine because of leaving early for district play.  DeMoine was kind enough to give them an impromptu pep talk and take a picture, which made their day!  This is the second time we have had DeMoine Adams at Freeman.  Each time he has made a positive impact on students and staff.  We look forward to having him back again!

Teri Nieveen
District Assessment & Title 1 Coordinator, Freeman Public Schools (Adams, NE)

Mr. Adams was awesome! He got the kids involved in his presentation. He was very relatable. It was a great presentation to kick off the 2nd semester. I even got hyped by the presentation!  

Rachel Catlett

School Counselor, Westridge Middle School

Grand Island Public Schools



We wanted to kick off the second semester with a high energy presentation filled with a positive and motivational message that would relate to middle school students and get them excited about returning back to school from the holidaybreak.  DeMoine's presentation of "Bringing Your A Game" scored a touchdown with his enthusiasm and positive energy!  It was just what our school needed!

Brad Wolfe
Principal, Westridge Middle School 
Grand Island Public Schools



"DeMoine is an electrifying speaker.  His passion is evident in his subject matter and delivery.  His positive message is infectious.  He appeals to all of attendees.  He uses humor, creativity and innovation to provide the audience with a fresh teamwork perspective. DeMoine spoke to our staff, but plan to have him back to talk to student next fall. "

Ginger L. Meyer Ed.S.
Superintendent, Scribner-Snyder Community Schools



“DeMoine is a powerful and world-class motivational speaker! He can engage an audience for a few minutes or a few hours and leave them feeling energized. He makes his presentations fun and he really takes the time to get to know the audience he is speaking for and is professional to work with from the start of a project to the end. He has something to say to every age group!”  “DeMoine was the Keynote Speaker for our Annual Chamber Banquet. On the day of the banquet, he gave 3 school presentations in the morning and turned around and spoke to a room of 500 business leaders in the evening. He was outstanding to work with and I would highly recommend him to speak for any age group or event.”

Mark Zimmerer

President/CEO, Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce

Jarad Dalhkoetter

Events Director, Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce



"Anyone that works with teenagers knows how difficult it can be to plan activities and speakers that will grab their attention, keep it, and have them walk away having learned something about themselves or been touched by the words of the one speaking. Problem solved!!! DeMoine Adams is that speaker. He is dynamic and passionate about his message and because it is personal it reaches teenagers and connects to them. We have DeMoine speak to both our juniors and seniors at two different times of the year and he will adjust his topic to meet our needs. DeMoine is energetic, considerate, thoughtful and because of his personal experiences the message comes across that he cares about the students and their lives and choices. When you need inspiration/motivation for your students, DeMoine Adams is what you need."

Sheila Hasenkamp

High School Counselor, Aurora High School



"We wanted to kick off the school year with some excitement and boy did Demoine deliver! His passion, enthusiasm and message is exactly what we were looking for! He kept our students engaged while he delivered his message. His motivational message “Bring your A Game” was
powerful and one that our students can use on the field, in the classroom, and in life! Demoine was exactly what we were looking for and I would highly recommend him speaking to other schools and
students of all ages!"

Heath Birkel
Principal, Callaway Public Schools



"What a terrific way to kick off the new school year!  DeMoine's enthusiastic and positive energy was what our Winside Wildcats needed on the first day of school.  Both the students and teachers were extremely impressed by how DeMoine connected with everyone, no matter the age.  His message for our elementary students meshed well with our "How to Be a PAWSitive Student" theme, and the "Bringing Your 'A' Game" message hit home perfectly with our junior high and high school students.  Having DeMoine visit our school was definitely a touchdown opportunity!"

Sarah Remm

Principal, Winside Public School





"For years high school administrators have struggled with leadership development in our schools.  The ECNC conference championed, the first ever LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE to provide high school students the opportunity to hear guest speakers and participate in leadership activities.  Our keynote speaker, Demoine Adams, provided a motivating in your face message that challenged our conference attendees.  His stories and insights about leading by example, defensive leadership, and developing LEADERSHIP SHAPE was spot on!  Students were engaged and came away with a broader understanding of what it takes to be a leader and how to step up and take a stand.  His frank perspectives about life choices and how to deal with the associated peer pressures created an exceptional growth opportunity.  Demo Man ---- IS THE MAN!  Thanks for the lasting impressions on our young leaders".

Tim McNamara
Principal/AD, Yutan High School (NE)



"The superintendent and I were extremely impressed with Demoine's presentation!  We had many comments from the staff about how they enjoyed it.  He really gave us the energy to start the year and made us reflect on the kind of educators we want to be and how we can impact our students.  I told Demoine that I didn't have low expectations but that he exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him to others". 

Terry Zessin

Principal, Wood River Rural Schools (NE)





"DeMoine Adams brings high energy and passion that will leave your students inspired to score a touchdown in the classroom and in life. From Kindergarteners to Seniors, DeMoine has a unique way of connecting with students that will leave them talking about it for days to come and impacting them forever."

Brian Tonniges

Superintendent, High Plains Community Schools (NE)



"Thank you again for the wonderful speech yesterday! Throughout the afternoon and evening, people commented about how much they enjoyed your presentation and how impressed they were with your Runza® knowledge. We really appreciate you going above and beyond for our management team members and office staff."

Becky L. Perrett

Director of Marketing, Runza® Restaurants and Braeda® Fresh Express Café



"DeMoine's presentation on getting into "LeaderSHAPE" was a perfect fit for our athletic banquet.  He captivated the audience immediately and had them wanting more when he was finished.  His message about character and the choices an individual makes impacting their leadership ability and the influence they have on others was powerful and enjoyed by all.  Students, staff, parents and community members alike have not stopped talking about how much they enjoyed the evening.  I highly recommend DeMoine as a speaker; we will absolutely be having him back!"

Nate Larsen

7-12 Assistant Principal/Activities Director, Logan View Public Schools (NE)




"Demoine Adam's presentation is exactly what our students needed to here. His presentation is fun, energetic but serious all at the same time. He delivers a GREAT message very effectively."

Greg Rathke

Principal, Lutheran High Northeast, Norfolk NE



"DeMoine came to our elementary school and talked about 3 principles that centered around "Bringing Your A Game."  He spoke to our students from the heart about values and how it pertains to Game Day.  The best thing about DeMoine is his genuine loving attitude toward kids.  He stayed and took pictures and gave high 5's to our students after his presentation was finished.  DeMoine also sent our students an autographed picture of our 3rd through 5th graders.  Great day for our students and staff."  

Greg Fruhwirth

Principal, Washington Elementary, North Platte NE



"We were very pleased with DeMoine's story.  Someone told me that they thought he was the best speaker that we have had. That is a great compliment to DeMoine because we had some big name well-known speakers in the past. The kids and adults were so impressed! We would love to have DeMoine come back in the fall and talk to our FCA again!

Connie Eitzmann

Coordinator, Fellowship of Christian Athletes Southern NE



"DeMoine Adams's isn't just another speaker "talking" about the importance of having a solid game plane....He's the epitome of his message! As a former Standout collegiate and Pro Athlete, he understands first hand the importance of having a Solid Game Plan both personally & professionally. More impressive than his football credentials are his dedication to education having received his Masters and working on his PhD! I recommend him without reservation"!

Aaron Davis

President, Aaron Davis Presentations, Inc.



DeMoine came to our school and spoke with our elementary and high school students separately. I was impressed with his ability to connect with each group. He spoke about making sure students are committed to bringing their 'A' game every day in the right facets of their lives. I know it connected because of the number of students AND parents who thanked me for bringing such a great speaker to school. We'd love to have him again.

Jim York

PK/7-12 Principal, Thedford Public Schools (NE)



"We had DeMoine Adams come out to our school and present to both our elementary and high school students.  He brought an energetic message about bullying, choices, and work ethic which resonated with all the students.  Through personal stories of a humble beginning, academic roadblocks, and struggles to earn his successes in athletics and academics, DeMo's message of perseverance outlined a road to excellence for every student.  Furthermore, he challenged our students to tackle bullying by speaking up, stepping up, and teaming up to let others know treating people poorly wasn't acceptable.  After closing to raucous applause with our students, he took the time to answer questions, take pictures with groups and individuals, autographed posters, and even sent individualized autographed pictures to every student at our school!  DeMo has a heart for kids and a desire for everyone to reach their potential.  Numerous students and staff members thanked me for having him speak, and I'm confident he can be a difference-making presenter for any school!"

Jason Mundorrf

Superintendent, Anselmo-Merna Public Schools (NE)



"Hershey Public Schools has been honored to have DeMoine Adams speak on multiple occasions, from NeSA pep rallies to back-to-school rallies.  He connects with kids of all ages, from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  His high energy messages speak to the heart of each student and are extremely motivating.  DeMoine radiates positive energy and emotion throughout the audience, he encourages the students to set academic and personal goals and challenges them to better themselves each day.  His ability to engage the students and relate with them is simply amazing.  I enjoyed seeing the students' eyes light up with each time he interacted with them. I would highly recommend him to speak at your school.  Your students, teachers, and parents will love his message.  He is one of the best! "

Jane Davis

Superintendent, Hershey Public Schools (NE)



"We have had many speakers over the years, Demoine by far has been the most inspirational - along with " take it back and use philosophies"! Our whole management team of 55 + people left with a new sense of unity & purpose. It was unanimous with our team " Demoine was the best ever.  I have heard Lou Holtz ( in his prime), Terry Bradshaw, numerous Covey speakers, etc - I mean it when I said you have been the best! We would love to work with DeMoine again".

Doug Barnes

Franchise Owner, The Barnes Group, Cost Cutters, Super Cuts 



“I am the organizer for the MCC Annual Student Leadership conference. It is important to bring in speakers that can connect with students on multiple levels.  The speaker needs to be serious, funny, inspiring and motivational. DeMoine is all of this, and more! That is why, year after year, I always invite DeMoine to
be a part of the conference program. He has a way of relating to his audience. He is passionate, engaging and delivers a message that resonates with the students. DeMoine's  presentation was so powerful and true, I think I heard an "Amen!" behind me.”

Diana Kerwin-Kubr

Director of Learning Support Services, Metro Community College (Omaha, NE) 



"D’Mo Adams brings that absolute “Wow!” factor to his presentations!  Students primary through high school will enjoy music, physical movement, positive energy, and his physical presence as they are encouraged to combine hard work and teamwork as the bones to support the muscle of personal and school-wide achievement."

Darron Arlt

Superintendent, Pawnee City Schools (NE)



"DeMoine Adams came to our high school, shared his personal failures and triumphs, and his plan for Scoring in School!  The presentation was personal, interactive and had the kids on their feet.  He put the exclamation point on what we have been trying to tell them related to establishing goals, giving your best effort and passion, and achieving your goals.  He is energetic, committed and animated.  I would recommend his Scoring in School presentation."

Dr. Joy Stilmock 

Principal, Syracuse High School in Syracuse, Nebraska



Are you looking for a speaker to come to your school and inspire your students to do their very best? Book DeMoine “DeMo” Adams for your next school-wide event. On August 31, 2015 we had DeMoine, former defensive end for the Nebraska Cornhuskers from 1998-2002, come and speak to our entire K-12 student body at two separate buildings in four separate time periods. He started in the morning and spoke with our 9-12th grades, a hard group by any evaluation, not given to collective excitement, to say the least! But inside of five minutes, he had them standing in the bleachers, clapping and screaming! Wow! He knew his audience extremely well and could speak to the heart of these kids.  If you have not heard DeMoine, the story is very compelling.  Spoiler alert. He came from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, “the hood” as he tells it. A strong athlete with great potential, DeMoine attended a Nebraska Football summer camp for high school players and got the attention of the coaching staff.  There was one drawback: academics. DeMoine scored a 13 on the ACT; it takes a 21 to play Division I NCAA football.  Through sheer grit and determination, DeMoine studied for and took the ACT seven times, until he could score the needed 21. As the school counselor, he had my attention.  DeMoine also struggled with a stuttering problem as a youth; that message hit home with our middle school crowd. In each of his talks, with 7-8th grades, 3-6 and K-2, DeMoine tailored his message to communicate and inspire the kids. Very simply, he amazed me, and I am not given to gush unless the speaker really impresses.  I have been around highly trained motivational speakers all of my professional life; DeMoine is simply outstanding. One final note, spending time with DeMoine both before and after his talks, I was impressed with his genuine, authentic humility. This is the kind of man I want to have around our kids. He models his message.

Michael G. Chaffee 

K-12 School Counselor, District OR-1 Public Schools in Palmyra, NE 




"While speaking at a conference for Nebraska's middle-level educators, Demoine Adams reminded us that relationships are the key to success in education.  Kids aren't defined by a score on a test.  While every teacher and every school would like to have the highest test scores, it doesn't mean anything if you don't look at each kid as an individual.  We will be remembered for the impact we have on students because of how we treat them as people and the relationships we build with those students. Demoine left the audience excited and re-energized and ready to make a difference in our kids lives."

Brent Cudly, President of Nebraska Association of Middle-Level Educators




Entertaining and impactful rarely go hand-in-hand, but they definitely do with DeMoine. Our students were engaged and interactive throughout the entire presentation. His message of Defensive LeaderShape put a different perspective on the traditional leadership message students hear at most events. Most importantly, he left the students with a challenge to continue to grow that they could take back to their local chapters and leadership opportunities. I would highly recommend DeMoine for your next speaking engagement.

Allison Kreifels

HSE/FACS Career Field Specialist and FCCLA State Adviser (NE)



DeMoine does a phenomenal job of tailoring his message to all age groups.  He spoke four times to various ages in a one day period here at Palmyra-Bennet, District OR 1 Schools and was very well received.  One of the best speakers I have heard address kids. He has an amazing story to tell!

Michael Chaffee

K-12 School Counselor, District OR-1 Public Schools (NE)



“I have been organizing team building events for years and never have encountered a speaker as dynamic, engaging, and motivating as  DeMoine Adams.  His presentation on Defensive Leadership taught our employees that you gain respect when you give respect.  Every role matters and when you get others to win in their jobs, you collectively succeed.  DeMoine’s passion for people shines through every word he speaks and his energy is infectious.  If you’re looking for a great motivational, team-building speaker, look no further than DeMoine!”  P.S.  He’s a pretty good dancer, too!  ;)

Lori A. Vanagunas

Training & Orientation Manager, Dining Services

Colorado State University



What a wonderful experience for the students at Tri County public schools.  When the staff assembly was over, staff members were telling me that your timing for the presentation was excellent.  Staff members said it was refreshing to hear someone remind them that they are a HERO to students.  One staff member, in particular, said they were going back to their class and look for those students who needed a HERO.  Even the stoic secondary staff enjoyed the message.  Kids left the session telling me you were the greatest and that they want you back next year.  You hit home with the seniors and juniors on the ACT test.  We just started our John Baylor Test Prep class and several students signed up because of your message about maximizing their effort.  I would like to get you on the schedule for a similar plan for next year for our first late start Wednesday.

Randy Schlueter

Superintendent, Tri County Public Schools (NE)



Just wanted to say thanks to you for your wonderful speeches yesterday at our building.  You were extremely powerful and engaging.  In the elementary, I have had several teachers come to me and say your speech was just what they needed.  I also had a fifth-grade boy tell his teacher the following.  "I know what it's like to be bullied with speech.  I hope someday I can be like Demoine and talk better".  Thanks again and want you to know you "made a difference" at Tri County.  

Jesse Gronemeyer

Elementary Principal, Tri County Public Schools (NE)




"It was an honor to host Demoine for his presentation on Leadership and Bullying.  The students and teachers loved him and his presentation.  Demoine was an outstanding presenter.  He is genuine and passionate about what he has to share with students.  He models what he believes.  He was the best presenter that I have listened to for school programs.  He connected with the students and they connected with him.  He made learning fun and engaging. Demoine went over and above for students.  I will recommend Demoine to other schools!"

Susan Stewart

K-6 Principal, Chase County Schools, Imperial NE



This week we had the honor and pleasure of hosting DeMoine Adams at Wahoo High School.  DeMoine's message was educational, engaging, and relevant.  He brought incredible life and energy into his presentation which further fueled the engagement and excitement within our student body.  I would not hesitate to bring DeMoine back to Wahoo High School.  

Jason Libal 

High School Principal, Wahoo NE 




The students really seemed to be interested in and engaged in DeMoine's presentation. He made connections to things that students were familiar with. Using the movie, The Lion King - a movie that all students had seen, was a great touch.

Jane Wiebold

Elementary School Principal, Wahoo NE 




Demoine understands, firsthand, what it takes to be a leader.  He communicates well with the middle school aged student and highlights key points like positive choices, self-reflection and dealing with adversity.  His LeaderSHAPE message has been instrumental in building a positive culture in our building, a culture that is student-centered and focuses on the respect and inclusion of all.

John Harris

Middle School Principal, Wahoo NE



We had DeMoine Adams speak to our incoming freshman during their first day of school.  He spoke to them about Bringing their "A" game to school.  During the whole presentation, he kept the students interested and entertained.  He connected with the students and you can tell, he made an impact on them.  This is the second time I have witnessed DeMoine speak and he impressed me both times.  I would highly recommend DeMoine speaking at any school.

James T. Ayres

High School Principal, North Platte NE 



Demoine’s message to “Bring Their A Game” was very powerful and had a tremendously positive impact on our students.  Not only was Demoine’s message fantastic, but he also spoke in a very dynamic manner which thoroughly engaged the students.  From start to finish, Demoine had our students’ attention when he spoke to them.  Demoine also makes the content of his message relevant to today's students.  He consciously does this to make sure his message has the desired impact.  Frankly, I was very impressed with Demoine.  He exceeded my expectations, and I would strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to motivate students to “Bring Their A Game."

Jason Dolliver

Superintendent, Pender Public Schools, Pender NE



I can’t express how appreciative I am of DeMoine Adams and motivating our students to “Bring their A Game.” It was an energy-filled lesson in which our students were taught about the responsibility they have when completing their assignments, homework, exams, and projects. They were inspired to do their best with a MAXIMUM effort, a STRONG focus, and an UNDENIABLE commitment! All students at Pender Public, grades 3-12 felt the energy and excitement that Mr. Adams brought to his presentation. When students are thanking the administration for the school assembly, we know we made the right choice. A BIG thanks to DeMoine Adams and the message that he brought our kids. We all look forward to having him back again!!! 

Eric Miller

7-12 Principal, Pender Public Schools, Pender NE



"It was an honor and a pleasure to host DeMoine for his presentation on Bringing Your ‘A' Game!   We used this presentation as a pep rally to get our kids fired up for taking the NeSA test.  The students and teachers loved it! In fact, several groups of our students are using his cheers and chants during their extracurricular activities as well!  DeMoine is an outstanding presenter and a wonderful role model for kids of all ages.  He really connected with our elementary students.  We remind them every day of the things Mr. Adams taught them -  to do their best with a MAXIMUM effort, keep a STRONG focus on the right things, and make an UNDENIABLE commitment!  We honestly can’t wait to have DeMoine back with us again!"

Kelly Ballinger

K-6 Principal, Pender Public Schools, Pender NE



"DeMoine Adams did an exceptional job presenting to the students and staff at Wayne Community School District on Standing Up to Bullying, and Winning in Life. Across the board, DeMoine was able to gear his presentation to all age levels in a manner that made a real connection with the students. Our students were inspired by his story so much that many of them wanted to visit with him after the presentation to ask more questions and seek advise. DeMoine was more than happy to spend time with our kids, and his talk was one of the most motivational assemblies I have seen for students and staff in over 20 years of education!"

Mark Lenihan

Superintendent, Wayne Community Schools, Wayne NE




"I am so appreciative of DeMoine and the message he delivered to our students about the importance of ALWAYS Bringing Your A Game!  Our students walked away motivated, inspired, and with a higher level of belief in themselves and their abilities because of DeMoine.  He stressed the importance of effort, focus, commitment, and perseverance. I had a number of students approach me after the assembly thanking me for bringing DeMoine to Cavett.  It was my pleasure!

Jeff Vercellino
Principal, Cavett Elementary, Lincoln NE





"We had the opportunity to have Demoine come and speak to our elementary students about how to defend against Bullying Behavior.  He gave us three keys to help us focus on what we can do to keep bullying out of our house.  Step up, Speak up and Team up.   Demoine also presented to a joint assembly with our students and students from McPherson County.  His message to Bring their A-Game in everything they do in life, but especially in their education.  Give Maximum Effort, Have a Strong Focus, and Have an Undeniable Commitment to give your very best at everything.  His presentation was inspiring, engaging and entertaining. We hope to have him back in the sandhills another time."

Barry Schaeffer

Superintendent/K-12 Principal, Arthur County Schools, Arthur, NE 



"DeMoine Adams spoke at our Purple Hands Assembly on bullying.  His words not only inspired our students and staff, but we now live by his words about bullying, "NOT IN THIS HOUSE."  DeMoine relates to students and does a fabulous job of sharing his message.  His ability to get the students energized during our assembly with clapping, speaking, and role-playing makes his message even stronger.  We have had many speakers at our Purple Hands Assembly, but DeMoine Adams was hands down the best speaker we have ever had.  Thanks DeMoine for sharing your passion and energy with our students.  "NOT IN THIS HOUSE"

Brian Kort

Principal, RJ Barr Middle School, Grand Island NE



I just wanted to send you one more HUGE THANK YOU for your motivational talk today!!!  Everyone was SO impressed!  You really got the kids excited and thinking about the importance of doing their best ALL the time!!  Please, please keep us posted for the future!!!  We will definitely work on getting you back to Arlo to do a little something in the fall!!  Once again, thanks so much!  Good luck with your crazy busy schedule!   

Tashia Wolf

Elementary Teacher, Arlington Public Schools, Arlington NE




We had DeMoine Adams came speak to our 7th through 12th-grade students on Bullying.  DeMoine used a Football theme and references to get his point across that “Bullying” was not acceptable “IN THIS HOUSE” and as a school (students and staff alike) we need to “tackle bullying” by 1) Standing up to “Bullying” 2) Stepping up to “Bullying” and 3) Teaming up against “Bullying.”  DeMoine did a good job of involving students and staff in his presentation and sent a very good message that “Bullying” will not be allowed, “IN THIS HOUSE.” The assembly lasted for about 50 minutes where DeMoine wrapped it up with a question/answer session and took the time to have students take pictures with him at the end.

Mark Koch

Principal, Emerson-Hubbard High School, Emerson NE



“Demoine Adams had our entire student body actively learning.  Demoine has students constantly moving and participating as he delivers his message.  Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed his Anti-Bullying message and it has helped promote a positive school climate”

Kenny Loosvelt
K-6 Principal, Madison Public Schools, Madison NE



"Demoine did a fantastic job of captivating our staff, students and parents at Adams Central. He sprinkled in a little bit of humor which aided in his delivery of his inspirational speech on the topic of 'scoring in life.' We will invite him back soon."

Ed Sughroue

Activities Director, Adams Central High School, Hastings NE



"The coaches are still talking about how much they enjoyed DeMoine's talk and how it has helped them to feel more energized about their jobs"

Scott Anderson

Assistant Principal/Activites Director, Auburn High School, Auburn NE



"DeMoine Adams is hands down one of the best speakers we have had at Valentine Middle School. His presentation on the 4 touchdowns was very engaging for all students."

Jeff Sayer

Principal, Valentine Middle School



"His speech was inspiring and he really had the students, their parents, and the old Altrusa gals engaged!  It was perfect.  I really appreciated his style and effort"

Dr. Colleen Dilley

Altrusa International Foundation of Fremont, NE



"As the keynote speaker at our MarkeTECH conference, DeMoine Adams inspired our attendees, helping them harness their potential and pumping them up for even more learning in the afternoon. When it comes to energy and passion, DeMoine brings his A-game. It's infectious! And every business owner needs to hear his story. Motivation and inspiration couldn't be shared in a better way."

Heidi Garvin

Program Services Coordinator, GROW Nebraska



"We have had DeMoine speak to our students on more than one occasion and would love to bring him back in the future. His enthusiasm captures the students' attention from the start and his message resonates with them long after he is finished."

Darin Hahne

Principal, Elkhorn Valley Schools, Tilden NE



"Demoine did an excellent job of articulating to our students on how to become a success. Demoine spoke about his own life challenges and the choices he made throughout his young life. The formula is very basic but powerful. Damoine provided a very good message."

Marc DeMoss

Middle School Principal, South Central Calhoun, Rockwell City IA



“Demoine captured our student’s attention with his powerful and interactive message!  He connected with us in a way that few speakers have.  His simple yet powerful witness to do what’s right, be real, and demonstrate respect is easily relatable to our expectations at CCMS.  We look forward to welcoming Demoine back year after year!”

Darron Arlt

Principal, Central City Middle School, Central City NE




"Mr. Adams did a great job when he came and spoke with our students at Laurel-Concord/Coleridge. His engaged them right from the beginning and didn't stop until his message had been delivered. His message of scoring touchdowns in life not only gave students something to think about as they are looking at the future, but also something they can apply immediately to their lives today. To top it off, DeMoine then came and scored another touchdown when he presented to our staff. I'm not sure that the value of teamwork could be portrayed any better than what DeMoine did."

Jay Vance

Principal, Laurel-Concord/Coleridge Schools in NE


"DeMoine has a powerful message.  It was exactly what we were looking for. Many teachers have commented on it and have already put the 4 Touchdowns on their whiteboards."

Brian Tonniges

Principal, York Middle School, York NE



"DeMoine brought a positive high energy message on being Winners at Life. Students were highly engaged and connected to his message through his experiences as a football player. Teachers are planning on using key points to motivate and remind students as we finish the school year."  

Steve Retzlaff

Principal, Stolley Park Elementary, Grand Island, NE



"Demoine's message to our elementary students K-5 was differentiated in a manner for all students to have a clear understanding of his 4 strategies of scoring touchdowns and leading a productive life. Demoine's ability to connect with our students and provide kinesthetic examples for students to demonstrate his main points was exceptional. I was able to visit with many students at various grade levels after his presentation and all students were able to relay back to me his main points and how it will help them be successful in life. Demoine's a class act and Shoemaker will continue to refer back to his message points with our students throughout this year!"

Lee Wolfe

Principal, Shoemaker Elementary, Grand Island, NE




"Thanks so much for delivering a great message to our group!.....There were many thumbs up and head nods, from students and staff!" 

Tina Mason

Principal, Knickrehm Elementary, Grand Island, NE




"The message that was given to our students by DeMoine will help them in life, as well as in school. If every student strives to be the best they can be as discussed in his presentation, they will be successful!"

Mike Halley

Principal, Scottsbluff High School, Scottsbluff NE



"DeMoine did a great job with our students! We had some that wanted to make posters of his message to be displayed in our hallways. I would say from the poster display that the students received his message and are applying it to our school!"

Tammy Carlson

Principal, Fullerton Elementary School, Fullerton NE



DeMoine’s insightful ability to take the basic fundamentals of the game of football and relate them to leadership allows for him to connect with a wide range of individuals. His charisma along with his strong knowledge base captivates and inspires to grow the leader in all of us.”

Dr. Katie Kage

University of Northern Colorado



"DeMoine speaks to students in a language they get!"

Julie Bottger

Alliance High School, Alliance, NE



"DeMoine Adams is the man!  His thought provoking talks are incredible and should be heard by all.  DeMo is a must!"

Jamar Banks, Director for Student Involvement and Leadership

Appalachian State University



"What a true dynamo!  Our students were at full attention to the motivating messages of DeMoine Adams.  His personal stories of challenge and what it takes to overcome them send an excellent message of 'NO Excuses!' and 'YOU Determine YOUR Destiny'."

Cara Riggs

Principal, Omaha South High Magnet School, NE



"Having DeMoine Adams come to speak to our K-12 students strengthened our present 3-R program of Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness. DeMoine added the 4th R of Role model which pushed forward his "Game Plan" agenda by helping many of our students start scoring in life and taking the right road to success."

Gary Wockenfuss

Principal, Weeping Waters Public Schools, NE




"I was impressed with the way DeMoine focused in talking about each person's own potential and the specific steps they need to maximize the chance for success.  DeMoine has a very sincere way of speaking to students in such a way that they can sense the trust being formed between him and them."

Gary Klahn, Superintendent

Wheeler Central Schoools, NE



“Demoine is very passionate about sharing is ideas and experiences with students on how they can become leaders for life. He is high-energy and knows how to cater his message to a variety of audiences!”

Jeff Beavers, Assistant Director of Greek Affairs

University of Nebraska-Lincoln




"Demoine did a terrific job at relating the importance of growing potential into "full potential"  in a way that was impacting for our students.  We asked Demoine to speak to the importance of giving your best when opportunities are presented and I believe that is exactly what his message said.  The fact that we had so many students stay after to get autographs, ask questions, and take pictures with Demoine was a testimony to the fact that he had connected with our students personally.  Our attendance for testing for Explore, Plan and ACT the next morning was at 99% in both Freshmen and Sophomore classes and at 98% for our juniors. Our best day for the entire school year!  His presentation entitled "How to be a STARter in Life" with emphasis on star,  seemed to wakeup the Lion King in each of them.  This was apparent through our students attendance, focus, and efforts on the ACT Pilot test day."
Angela Leifeld, Assistant Principal
Columubus High School, Columbus, Columbus Nebraska




"I thought DeMoine's presentation was right on with with what the students needed to hear. It seems as they listen better when it comes from someone other than those they see everyday"

Stephen Humphrey, Principal

Exira-EHK Middle School, Exira Iowa



"As a motivational speaker, he challenges you to do your best! Encourages you to believe in yourself! Moves you to take action on your dreams! Demoine Adams is a top notch speaker who has a contagious attitude that brought out the best in all who attended. I highly recommend DeMo for your motivational speaking engagement!

Christy Werger, K-6 Staff

Elwood Public Schools, Elwood Nebraska



"Demonie did an excellent job of using the game of football to illustrate a complex concept to students in an engaging and fun way. "

Nick Dressel

Principal, Chadron Middle School, Chadron Nebraska

Testimonials & References 

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